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About us

Astraeus Technologies was born of the partnership between Astraeus Aerial, the first legal, FAA-authorized, UAS (unmanned aircraft system) company working in the motion picture industry, and Circular Wireless, manufacturer of high quality antennas and systems for video transmission from aerial platforms.

After developing components and systems for improving the safety and reliability of Astraeus Aerial UASs, we now want to share these developments with the whole UAS sector. Our mission is to increase the safety of all UAS operations, which we believe is the key to growth for this exciting new market.

All our products have been developed by a team of skilled engineers and programmers, have been extensively tested, and are used on a daily basis for the operation of the Astraeus Aerial UAS fleet.

As we complete production of the various systems we’ve developed, we will continue to add them to our existing portfolio. Our product development roadmap includes many exciting new systems, and we look forward to introducing them to you.